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I have a short list of supplements which I think are great for pretty much any athlete. The list includes fish oil, creatine, and greens. I feel as if greens get the least attention, but for most athletes striving to dial in their dieting plan, greens might be just the right supplement to balance out their nutrition. A greens supplement is a supplement which has all the nutrients and benefits of greens and other super-foods packed into it. Basically, it is superfoods in a powdered form. Athletics Greens is an example of a greens supplement. When I initially found out about Athletic Greens, I decided to visit their website, which is packed with plenty of great nutritional information, testimonials and FAQ’s. I will break this whole Athletic Green supplement review down into the following categories:

  1. What is Athletics Greens?
  2. Taste and Flavor
  3. Ingredients
  4. How does Athletic Greens Work?
  5. Results and Feel
  6. Cost US$
  7. Overall Conclusion

Athletic Greens is not just a greens supplement – it is a whole foods supplement. This means that it isn’t just made up of food which has been ground into powder and then stuffed into capsules. Don’t get me wrong – it’s in powder form but it isn’t in capsule form. It is instead just in powder form. Why is it just a powder and not a tablet or a capsule? The heat process employed to make capsules and tablets can actually destroy the probiotics as well as other nutrients needed by your body. Did you know that you most likely pee away most of the tablets which you absorb? If your supplement is in form of a capsule, about 60% or more will go straight down the toilet. The body absorbs very little of it and so if you are not getting the results you need from your supplement, that is probably why.

Taste and Flavor

Athletic Greens Supplement ReviewFrom the information I had gathered, I decided to give it a shot and ordered Athletic Greens supplement. The product arrived within a few days and I was anxious to first try it out. I was a bit let down though that there was no measuring spoon, but this wasn’t a big deal for me as I have them all over the place. I then scooped up a heaping tablespoon of the green powder stuff into a glass of water and stirred and that was it. You can mix the supplement up with milk or juice. It literally took me around 30 seconds to make and consume and it was done. Surprisingly, it was pretty tasty and refreshing, and with a sweet aftertaste. The flavor of greens drinks is always a tossup, with some being hard to stomach. Plenty of green juices available out there on the market usually leave a very bitter taste in your mouth, but this was not the case with this product. Athletic Greens is one of the good ones.

The flavor of greenery is pleasant and mild, and is complemented by a light sweetness given by some of the added fruits, vegetables, stevia and vanilla. Speaking of stevia, the packaging alleges that there are no sweeteners in the supplement, which is a bit confusing. Stevia is listed in the herb section, because it considered an herbal extract, but it’s primarily used as a sweetener. While such can be forgiven, it does make me speculate what else might be worded in an ambiguous way.


Dubbed the All-In-One Super-food For Active People, this supplement contains 76 natural ingredients which consist of nutrient dense raw super-food complex, including natural extracts, wheatgrass, herbs & antioxidants and digestive enzyme & super-mushroom complex. In addition there is goji berry, ginseng, a number of plant extracts (most notable being extracts of grape seed), and co-enzyme Q10 (which is fairly expensive). Athletic Greens can be used as a multimineral or multivitamin as well as a greens supplement, and offers several vitamins and minerals. One serving does provide the full daily value of zinc, nearly as much vitamin A, as well as much or more of biotin, vitamins C, E and many of the B-vitamins. This includes 160% of the daily nutrition value of B6, an important co-factor in the production of numerous neurotransmitters, and almost 500% of the daily nutrition value of B12, important for brain health. For vegans, good B12 sources can be hard to come by, therefore Athletic Greens is an excellent alternative for vegan athletes. And for all you organic enthusiast, including myself, it contains NASAA-certified organic ingredients. We all hate pesticides and they’re just so toxic to us.

Athletic Greens Ingredient Breakdown

Athletic Greens divides these ingredients into the following 4 major classes:

  1. Superfoods: These are the herbs and greens that makeup a bulk of the overall ingredients. These include organic spirulina, organic apple powder, lecithin, alfalfa powder, barley leaf, wheatgrass, chlorella, bilberry fresh fruit extract, pineapple fresh fruit concentrate, broccoli flower powder, carrot root and more. They are included for nutrients and alkalinity. The latter is, certainly, important for athletes to aid in maintaining the pH of their bodies, principally in those who don’t consume enough green vegetables in their diet plans.
  2. Herbs and Antioxidants: This group of super-foods is the second most plentiful in the powder. It has a great ORAC-value of 5000. Herbs and antioxidants are included for nutrients and high antioxidant levels. This group includes citrus bioflavonoids (ideal antioxidants for athletes), pea protein, and coQ-10, among other ingredients.
  3. Probiotics: There are also 3.6 billion count each of bifidobacterium bifidum and lactobacillus acidophilus included Athletic Greens, 2 important intestinal microflora species. This helps clear out your digestive system.
  4. Digestive enzymes and Mushrooms: This group includes several herbs that are high in digestive enzymes, minerals like zinc, chromium, vanadium, selenium and magnesium that help with supporting synthesis of protein to support your muscle growth in addition to shiitake and reishi mushrooms. Minerals play a vital role in maintaining healthy levels of hormone to regulating the immune system.

Athletic Greens contains both cocoa extract and green tea extract, but since they are standardized for content of antioxidant they don’t contribute much caffeine. I learned this through asking their support department, which was quite helpful, informative, and prompt in their reply.

Athletic Greens ReviewHow Does Athletic Greens Work?

There are 75 whole food ingredients in this supplement. They are first freeze dried, then cold pressed into a powder. That is how the nutrients stay intact. You take 1 tablespoon in a glass of water daily. If you are really active, like a bodybuilder, an athlete, or just someone who is perpetually outside hiking and enjoying nature, you can take 2 – one in the morning and another in the afternoon. You are absorbing these nutrients directly. There is no capsule in the way, therefore it goes straight via your digestive system. That means you straight away obtain the full impact of all of the healthy ingredients and the added advantage of probiotics which help your digestive system. It does not take long to begin working, and most people report seeing an instant difference within the first few hours of taking it.

Results and Feel

I took Athletic Greens for a period 10 days, off the slow-carb diet. I did not want the benefits of this diet to seep into my results. However, note that such a product really is also for the long-term health benefits. The difference for this product was very obvious from day 3. I started noticing more energy, was much more alert and could last longer when exercising. Besides, I could wake up earlier with much less lethargy even on a normal diet with plenty of carbs. Digestion has improved as well and this is probably due to the pro-biotics and pre-biotics.


Good greens supplements don’t come cheap, averaging about $1 per serving in my opinion, however, they are still worth it. AG has a price tag which would even make its high priced competitors flush, coming in at $4.23 per serving. At, it’s available for $127 for 30 servings. For athletes and active individuals, whom the product is marketed to, this company recommends 2 servings a day, which would last 2 weeks and one day. For athletes, that means that the price tag goes up to more than $8 per serving. For that same price, I can invest in a local CSA, pay somebody to dehydrate the vegetables for me, and yet save money. Shipping isn’t included, so be prepared to spend at least $8 more, depending upon the option you choose.

Overall Conclusion

Athletic Greens is all-in-all a great solid greens product with a good flavor that supports energy production, digestive health, balanced nutritional intake, and alkalinity to your diet. A greens supplement such as this is a good addition to any regimen by an athlete, but is particularly important for those not consuming adequate fruits and vegetables. From a pure health benefit point-of-view it’s one of the better green drinks we have reviewed. And moreover, it tastes great. I am pleased to recommend not missing out on such an important health aspect, but the price point is somewhat well beyond what most are willing to pay. Athletic Greens is otherwise a no-brainer, particularly when you can try it for 60-days and get a refund in case you are not happy. Remember to get their monthly auto-refill program (aka auto-ship) for a monthly savings of $20.

So I’d like to give 5 stars out of 5 to it because if money is not an issue for you, it’s one of the best greens supplements on the market at the moment!

Athletic Greens Supplement Review and Rating

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) describes a very exciting new set of technologies that enable a simple maternal blood test to identify whether a fetus has any genetic abnormality or not. It has marked a revolution in aneuploidy and genetic screenings because it is safe and provides high level of reassurance for the presence of any genetic disorder in fetus early in pregnancy. Pregnant women, who have greater chances of high risk pregnancy due to family history of congenital abnormalities or are in their advanced maternal age, can opt for NIPT test from 10 weeks of gestation period. This test has been validated in a high-risk population and can be used for screening:

Due to the detection of fetal DNA in maternal blood, NIPT of fetal aneuploidy is becoming more promising. NIPT can screen for aneuploidy such as Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), Edwards Syndrome, Turner Syndrome and Patau Syndrome. NIPT analyses both maternal and fetal DNA and look for differences in the DNA methylation patterns to detect aneuploidy in fetus.

Single gene disorders
Some single gene disorders are inherited in a dominant fashion from the father to fetus or arise de novo. In these situations, pregnant women, at high risk of having fetus with single gene disorders, can opt for NIPT. cffDNA of fetus with single gene disorders contain altered alleles that are not present in the maternal cfDNA. NIPT is available for achondroplasia, thanatophoric dysplasia and Apert syndrome.

Fetal blood genotyping
It is possible to analyse cffDNA of fetus for detecting the presence of Kell antibodies and human platelet antibodies (HPA). NIPT can also be used to analyse other genes in order to predict blood antibody status of fetus.

Microdeletion syndrome
By using advanced bioinformatics algorithms after maternal blood testing, NIPT can detect the presence of microdeletion syndrome in fetus such as Cri-du-Chat, Prader Willi and Angelman.

Rhesus D (RhD) typing in RhD- mothers
When the pregnant woman is RhD- and the fetus has inherited the RhD+ gene from father, then there are chances of developing haemolytic disease by the fetus. This condition is called haemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN). NIPT can be used to detect such condition, using which couples can take necessary prenatal care and optimum management.

 X-linked conditions
When a pregnant woman is suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy or congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) or both father and mother carry altered genes of CAH, then chances of the fetus carrying altered X gene increases. In such cases, NIPT can be used for fetal sex determination, so as to determine whether male fetus has inherited the condition from the mother or not.

In comparison to invasive screening options, non-invasive prenatal testing provides more reliable results with a higher positive predictive result. NIPT offers tremendous potential as a screening tool for fetal aneuploidy, gene disorders or other chromosomal abnormalities. NIPT is poised to significantly shift the paradigm of Diagnosi Prenatale in coming years because of its high reliability and accuracy and low risk.

Get Glamorous With Seductive Breasts – Try Out IsoSenuals Breast Enlargement Cream

Are you tired of excusing yourself from parties because of your flat appearance? Is your Prom party approaching soon and you don’t know what to wear with your AA size? Are Strapless dresses your dream wear?

Getting A Curvy Bust With The Help Of A Breast Enlargement Cream
Getting A Curvy Bust With The Help Of A Breast Enlargement Cream

Only women with flat breasts know the pain of being an outcast in many places and social gatherings due to their breast appearance. Notably, many women tend to skip their swimming classes due to this problem. It is a very difficult time because it embarrasses the women for her size. This can neither be controlled by her diet nor by exercise.

Worry not; there are many better solutions than a push-up bra or a dress with a halter or even padded attire. Breast enhancement creams rule the personal space of women with flat chests, today. It is indeed difficult to know which breast enhancing cream will work for you best.

IsoSensuals Enhance” is being labelled as the best breast enlargement cream in the market these days. It is a breast growth cream that shows significant changes within 3- 4 weeks of constant usage.

What Makes A Woman Flat Breasted?

Unfortunately, there are no clinical reasons as to why a woman remains with a flat chest after the onset of puberty. Any woman, regardless of their breast appearance, is capable of normal reproduction and nursing their children. It is just the size that doesn’t enhance the way she looks.

The breast tissues might not have enough stimulation and that is where the use of a breast enhancer cream comes in picture. Essentially, the breast enlargement creams need to be safe and reliable for usage to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Curvy Bust is one of the best breast enlargement cream that helps young women shun away their appearance problems related to their curves.

What Makes IsoSenuals – Breast Enlargement Cream Work?

Try Out Curvy Bust Breast Enlargement Cream

IsoSensuals breast enlargement cream helps to increase your AA cup size to a ½ or up to 2 cup sizes more. It increases your breast size by stimulating new growth in the mammary gland or the breast tissues. The cream enacts the process that your body follows during puberty or pregnancy and helps the breast tissues to grow accordingly.

A drop of the cream has to be applied and gently massaged on your breast in a circular motion until the cream is fully absorbed by your skin. Repeat the same for the other breast.

Are Breast Growth Creams Safe To Use?

IsoSensuals breast growth cream is perfectly safe as it has all natural ingredients like Damiana, Blessed Thistle, Safflower Oil and Kava Kava. It is safe for any adult, above 18 years of age.

Since the cream mostly has natural ingredients, it is a safe and reliable method of enhancing your beautiful breasts when you need to bring about a change in appearance.

Are There Any Precautions That One Could Take?

How Do I Get CurvyBust Cream?
How Do I Get CurvyBust Cream?

In general, only adults above the age of 18 are recommended to use this cream. It is unisexual, can be used for both men and women alike.

It is best to avoid using this breast enlargement cream during pregnancy or breastfeeding as a precaution to keep your baby safe. Not every breast enlarging cream or pill is safe during such periods. Moreover during these times, there will be a natural and constant growth in your breast tissues; hence you will not need the enhancer.

How Do I Get IsoSensuals Breast Enlargement Cream?

For an optimal result from using Isosenuals, one has to use the breast enlargement cream for at least 4 to 6 months time with regular use, twice a day. For a continual supply of cream, one can opt for the Auto refill program, by which a full month’s supply of the cream will reach you every month. It is like a subscription program.

Once the order is placed, you can get a free trial for 15 calendar days. Till this time, cancellation can be made without any payment. However, you will have to bear the shipping charges for the cream. If you do not cancel, you will be entitled to the subscription program and receive the cream on a regular basis every month.

Shun Off Your Inhibitions – Be Happy With Better Appearance That Boosts Your Confidence Levels.

IsoSensuals Enhance is an incredible and safe way to improve your breast size. It is an external medicine that helps you gain on your looks without any side effects. It can even be tried for free and can be cancelled if the results are not desirable. You have nothing to lose either way. Try out CurvyBust and see if it works!

If you have just started going to the gym you may have heard about pre workout supplements and all the crazy claims that are made about them. They give you focus, endurance, and so on the claims say! Can there really be a miracle powder that helps get you up off the couch and into the gym or are all these claims just BS to sell more product? Well, read on to find out.

So Should you take a pre workout? There are a lot of different supplements being sold on the market today and even more popping up from brand new companies that people have never heard of. Before you decide to give them a try, lets look at what makes them up.

First and foremost, pre workouts typically contain stimulants (legal that is) and the biggest dose is usually going to be caffeine. Before you decide to try one out, you need to have a good understanding of what your tolerance is to caffeine. Picking up a powder and taking the maximum dose might give you some jitters and make you feel absolutely awful. There is also the option to make your own pre workout with bulk powders so you can tailor it to your personal preference. That however, should be left for people that are experienced.

What Do They Do? Are They Beneficial?

These supplements are made to give you two things. They allow you to work out longer with higher intensity, and they also give you more mental focus to get past some of those mental blocks you may have when working out.

Getting that little bit out of a workout is important, and a pre workout can actually help you get through it with the use of the stimulants inside.

So yes, they DO work! They are also relatively cheap for what you are getting. Many of the blends that you get on the market will contain caffeine, beta alanine (which causes tingles if you have heard about that), and sometimes creatine which will give you extra strength.

What Time Should I Take It?

Learning about the benefits of taking preworkout supplementsIf you want to get the most out of your supplements, you have to time them correctly. Read the label and see what it says. A lot of them are going to contain ingredients that kick into affect about half an hour after you ingest it. For this reason, I usually recommend taking it at least 15-20 minutes before you get to the gym.

If you have to drive to the gym and it is further away, wait until you get to the gym to take it! Nothing is worse than sitting in traffic, getting all tingly and ready to lift but having nowhere to move.

Where Should I Buy Pre Workout Powders?

Almost any health and fitness store is going to sell this. However, I would recommend that you do your shopping online and pick them up from online retailers such as Amazon as most physical stores mark up prices way too much.

It also is going to be important to pick a powder based on your gender. Hold on a minute here though, this is not sexist. Like I said above, many supplements have creatine in them. If you are a man, you can take more creatine than a woman can. For this reason, make sure to read the labels. Women typically use more cardio in their workouts and because of this, they usually suit themselves best to different workout powders. You can take a look at Fit Clarity for powders for women and go from there. If you are a man, I am a big fan of C4 which has a healthy amount of beta alanine, caffeine, and just enough creatine where it is affective yet not too much where it will pass through your body without being absorbed.

A Final Word Of Advice

You should NEVER take more than the recommended max dose. You will over time build up a tolerance to these workout powders and I would suggest instead of increasing your dose, to start to just taper off and use less.

If you have never taken one before, never go for the max serving the first time you do. Trust me on this one. I once did this and I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. It was a very intense experience.

Also, if you build up a tolerance, you can try what some people do and cycle your pre workout supplements. Since each one is build differently, this can give you the same effect without stopping taking them completely.

Take it easy out there, and make sure to hit the gym with extra strength each and every time you go!

Back pain is very fast becoming a twenty first century lifestyle disease. The pain affects mostly people between the ages of 30 years old and 60 years old. However, in recent cases it has started trickling down to people as young as 20 years old. This kind of pain is usually brought about by doing strenuous activities for long, sudden moves on the back area or even lifts something heavy.

Causes Of Back Pain

The following factors usually lead to back pain which start out as mild pain and progress to severe pains if not nursed or treated promptly.

Back Muscle Strain

Doing activities that require a lot of energy from the trunk muscles can lead to a strain of these muscles. At times one carries loads that are heavy and in the long run they develop pain in the back area Lifting of heavy objects, twisting the back muscles or even sudden movements that were not anticipated can lead to a strain of these muscles. When such activities are done they usually lead to a strain or even a tear of the back muscle.

Lumbar Herniated Disc

This is usually caused when a nerve root on the spine is compressed. The nerve protrudes from the spine and is usually painful when one engages in any activity. This condition causes pain and numbness that goes through the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is usually responsible for serving the buttocks, legs and feet.

Poor Posture

The long hours spend in front of computers has led to many people developing back pain. This is because people do not really care how they sit while using their computers. Seats that are used in many offices are not upright making one strain to reach and comfortably use the machine. Poor postures that people engage in cause the back to greatly strain and in the long run a painful back is the outcome.

Regenerative Disc Disease

The backbone is usually made up of many overlying vertebrae bones. Vertebrae bones usually have discs that help then in articulating with each other. At times the discs break down and once damaged they cause inflammation of the vertebrae column. This is usually projected as pain on the back area which can be lead to muscle spasms.

Joint Dysfunction

The rib cage in the human body joins the spine in two areas. These joints at times dysfunction and cause pain which is felt on the back region.

Relief Treatment

Back Pain Relief Treatment Options
Back Pain Relief Treatment Options

Back pain in most cases, if the trigger is dealt with, heal on their own. However, the greatest treatment for back pain is rest. Take loads of time to lie down and rest the back and avoid straining it. A bag of ice or heat application on the painful area also helps stop the pain. If the pain is persistent then one can apply anti-inflammatory medicine on the affected area, gently stretch the back and do various back exercises. Massage therapy on the back helps relax the back muscles in case of muscle cramps and relieves pain in a relaxing way. In case the pain is too much and goes on for a long time trigger point injections with an anesthetic helps clear the pain. However this has to be done under the supervision of a qualified physician.

Stress is a part of our everyday life only that it comes in different forms. It may be caused by lack of sleep, over exercises, eating too much sweet or a fight with your partner, losing a job, driving in traffic and several other forms of psychological and emotional challenges etc. No matter what is the cause of stress in your body, the adrenal glands respond to all of them in a similar way.

How stress causes adrenal fatigue?

The adrenals are twin glands assuming a walnut shape and rests on top of the human kidneys. This glands secrete over 50 hormones, but the most essential ones are DHEA, cortisol and adrenaline that counter the stress levels in our body. These hormones contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps during stress. The problem comes when the adrenal gland limits are stretched and reach their limit of secretion of hormones that help to deal with the chronic conditions like thyroid condition. When our adrenal glands cannot keep up with its functions, the effects can be very devastating.

Here are some of the signs of adrenal glands fatigue.

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue
  • Poor memory
  • Autoimmune disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Headache, Blurry vision and many more

Adrenal fatigue on Thyroid condition

Thyroid problems go hand in hand with poor adrenal health which is caused by stress experienced more frequently. The following are five ways which adrenal fatigue worsens the thyroid problems;
1. Adrenaline Stress Interferes with the HPA axis: HPA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary Adrenal) axis is a complex network of communication between the adrenal glands, hypothalamus and pituitary glands that help the body regulate things like immune system, temperature, sexuality, mood, digestion, and energy usage, they also regulate reaction to trauma and stress. A number of studies reveal that the chronic adrenaline stress is the one responsible for depressing pituitary and hypothalamic function. Since the two organs directly manufacture thyroid hormone, anything that causes disruption to the HPA axis directly suppresses the Thyroid function.

2. Decreases the conversion of thyroid hormones T3 to T4: The conversion of T4 to T3 is very essential in the synthesis of hormones essential in the thyroid processes. More Thyroid complications are likely to arise when there is failure or reduced conversion of T4 to T3. 93 percent of thyroid gland hormones are mainly T4, and the T4 hormones are inactive in their nature, they have to be changed to T3 to become active and be used by the cells. Adrenaline stress, inflammatory cytokines in nature, interferes with the conversion of T4 to T3 and disrupts the HPA axis.

3. Weaken immune system: The blood-brain barrier, lungs and GI tract are the primary body immune barriers. They prevent the foreign bodies from getting into the brain and bloodstream. Adrenaline stress is known to weaken the immune system and further weaken the barriers and promotes poor regulation of the immune system. When these immune system barriers are breached, some antigens and large proteins pass into the brain or bloodstream where they should not go. If this happens on several occasions, the specific immune system is weakened and the body is not able to protect itself from autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto.

4. Inhibit the absorption of hormone into cells: For the thyroid hormone that circulates in the human blood system to develop a physiological effect, it must first have the receptors activated on the cells. Stress causes fatigue on adrenal gland which in turn inhibits the absorption of thyroid hormones into the body. This worsens the thyroid problems in the body.

5. Adrenaline Stress Leads to Hormonal Imbalance: During the stress response, one of the hormones yielded by the adrenals is the Cortisol. When Cortisol elevations are prolonged due to chronic stress, the liver’s ability to get rid of the excessive estrogen from the blood stream is decreased. Excessive estrogen increases TBG (Thyroid Binding Globulin) levels.

How to reduce adrenal fatigue?

The best way to reduce thyroid problem is to avoid adrenal fatigue which is brought by stress. The following are some of the do’s that can help you reverse this situation. The first thing is to avoid stress potential situation. Other measures include;

  • Avoid sweet
  • Eat food allergen
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine
  • Keep low glycemic snack near you. These include olive, yoghurt, pickles and nuts. Eating small amounts of food for every three hours will help you balance your blood level thus reduces the chances of worsening your thyroid problems

Apart from the above information, there are also some tablets which are stress depressants that can suppress stress levels in your body. Thyroid problems can be controlled if you lead a healthy life style and proper diet and with a good exercise regimen and in the case of any emergency caused due to the thyroid problems, it’s better to apply for an EHIC card for reduction in medical bills.

Safe sex has numerous benefits when practiced in an intimate relationship. Many health specialists have outlined many sexual health benefits brought by sex, such as improved cholesterol levels and increased good blood circulation in the body. Sex has also been proven to encourage good flow of testosterone in men, a hormone that plays an important role in the immune system of a man. Practicing safe sex in a marriage can bring many health benefits that leads to a fruitful and enjoyable marriage.

People who are active in many lifestyle activities such as exercising, taking vitamins and eating the right food should also create time for frequent sex in their health regimen. A sexual activity is not a principal topic of research but many conducted studies suggests that sex has health benefits that are good for the overall body health. Safe sex practiced in a loving intimate relationship has numerous benefits to both partners. Sexual intercourse has been proven to reduce stress when partners release endorphin hormone that promote good mood to the body. This hormone is also known to slowdown the aging process and promote good feelings and happiness between partners. After a sexual intercourse, blood pressure is reduced and this helps to calm the mind and relieve stress. Good sex also helps to burn about 200 calories between the partners and this can be compared with spending about 15 minutes in a treadmill.

Sex benefits for him

According to a medical study published by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), men who frequently ejaculate in a sexual activity have a reduced chance of contracting prostrate cancer. This finding is supported by a small study conducted in Australia in the year 2003. The study concluded that men in their 20’s who ejaculate more than five times a week are less likely to develop prostrate cancer than their counter parts who ejaculate about seven times a month. Health specialists believes that ejaculating frequently lowers the risk of prostrate cancer by flashing because the body flashes out cancer-causing substances that may be trapped in the semen. In addition to this findings, researchers from Queens University, concluded that having sex more than three times a week helps to cut of the risks of having heart attacks and strokes. However, having sex with many multiple partners may raise the risks of developing prostrate cancer up to 40% because there is a risk of contracting sexual infections from many partners.

Sex benefits for Her

For women, sexual activity helps to prevent endometriosis, a serious gynecological condition that usually affects a population of about 89 million women in the world. This condition occurs when the tissue lining inside the uterus grow to other places such as ovaries and the fallopian tube. This growth is known to cause pelvic pain that leads to infertility among women. A study conducted by the Journal of the Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation showed that women who have sexual activities during their menstruation are 15 times less likely to develop endometriosis than women who abstain from sex during their menstruation periods.

The contractions that happen on the uterus during an organism helps to flash away menstrual debris that leads to the development of endometriosis. Sexual activity in women is also known to promote the production of estrogen, a hormone that acts as a painkiller. This hormone helps to relieve pain and reduce pre menstrual syndrome that causes health complication among women.

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