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We are a group computer technicians based in Western North Carolina. While diagnosing, repairing, rebuilding computers we are most often asked: “What kind of computer should I buy?” was formed to address that question in a blog format. Our goal is to highlight to you the desktops & laptops that are the “best of the best” out there in terms of quality.


Jeremy Ashburn has had an interest in computers from an early age. In his early teens he joined Uptime Computers, an Asheville computer repair company, as a intern technician. At Uptime he learned all aspects of computer hardware & repair. As he progressed through college he continued learning more about the continually evolving world of computers. Through the years he’s custom built his own systems, designed his own programs, and tweaked hardware thousands of times.

Jeremy currently works at in Asheville, NC. He currently lives in Fletcher with his three children.

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