Back pain is very fast becoming a twenty first century lifestyle disease. The pain affects mostly people between the ages of 30 years old and 60 years old. However, in recent cases it has started trickling down to people as young as 20 years old. This kind of pain is usually brought about by doing strenuous activities for long, sudden moves on the back area or even lifts something heavy.

Causes Of Back Pain

The following factors usually lead to back pain which start out as mild pain and progress to severe pains if not nursed or treated promptly.

Back Muscle Strain

Doing activities that require a lot of energy from the trunk muscles can lead to a strain of these muscles. At times one carries loads that are heavy and in the long run they develop pain in the back area Lifting of heavy objects, twisting the back muscles or even sudden movements that were not anticipated can lead to a strain of these muscles. When such activities are done they usually lead to a strain or even a tear of the back muscle.

Lumbar Herniated Disc

This is usually caused when a nerve root on the spine is compressed. The nerve protrudes from the spine and is usually painful when one engages in any activity. This condition causes pain and numbness that goes through the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is usually responsible for serving the buttocks, legs and feet.

Poor Posture

The long hours spend in front of computers has led to many people developing back pain. This is because people do not really care how they sit while using their computers. Seats that are used in many offices are not upright making one strain to reach and comfortably use the machine. Poor postures that people engage in cause the back to greatly strain and in the long run a painful back is the outcome.

Regenerative Disc Disease

The backbone is usually made up of many overlying vertebrae bones. Vertebrae bones usually have discs that help then in articulating with each other. At times the discs break down and once damaged they cause inflammation of the vertebrae column. This is usually projected as pain on the back area which can be lead to muscle spasms.

Joint Dysfunction

The rib cage in the human body joins the spine in two areas. These joints at times dysfunction and cause pain which is felt on the back region.

Relief Treatment

Back Pain Relief Treatment Options
Back Pain Relief Treatment Options

Back pain in most cases, if the trigger is dealt with, heal on their own. However, the greatest treatment for back pain is rest. Take loads of time to lie down and rest the back and avoid straining it. A bag of ice or heat application on the painful area also helps stop the pain. If the pain is persistent then one can apply anti-inflammatory medicine on the affected area, gently stretch the back and do various back exercises. Massage therapy on the back helps relax the back muscles in case of muscle cramps and relieves pain in a relaxing way. In case the pain is too much and goes on for a long time trigger point injections with an anesthetic helps clear the pain. However this has to be done under the supervision of a qualified physician.