Safe sex has numerous benefits when practiced in an intimate relationship. Many health specialists have outlined many sexual health benefits brought by sex, such as improved cholesterol levels and increased good blood circulation in the body. Sex has also been proven to encourage good flow of testosterone in men, a hormone that plays an important role in the immune system of a man. Practicing safe sex in a marriage can bring many health benefits that leads to a fruitful and enjoyable marriage.

People who are active in many lifestyle activities such as exercising, taking vitamins and eating the right food should also create time for frequent sex in their health regimen. A sexual activity is not a principal topic of research but many conducted studies suggests that sex has health benefits that are good for the overall body health. Safe sex practiced in a loving intimate relationship has numerous benefits to both partners. Sexual intercourse has been proven to reduce stress when partners release endorphin hormone that promote good mood to the body. This hormone is also known to slowdown the aging process and promote good feelings and happiness between partners. After a sexual intercourse, blood pressure is reduced and this helps to calm the mind and relieve stress. Good sex also helps to burn about 200 calories between the partners and this can be compared with spending about 15 minutes in a treadmill.

Sex benefits for him

According to a medical study published by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), men who frequently ejaculate in a sexual activity have a reduced chance of contracting prostrate cancer. This finding is supported by a small study conducted in Australia in the year 2003. The study concluded that men in their 20’s who ejaculate more than five times a week are less likely to develop prostrate cancer than their counter parts who ejaculate about seven times a month. Health specialists believes that ejaculating frequently lowers the risk of prostrate cancer by flashing because the body flashes out cancer-causing substances that may be trapped in the semen. In addition to this findings, researchers from Queens University, concluded that having sex more than three times a week helps to cut of the risks of having heart attacks and strokes. However, having sex with many multiple partners may raise the risks of developing prostrate cancer up to 40% because there is a risk of contracting sexual infections from many partners.

Sex benefits for Her

For women, sexual activity helps to prevent endometriosis, a serious gynecological condition that usually affects a population of about 89 million women in the world. This condition occurs when the tissue lining inside the uterus grow to other places such as ovaries and the fallopian tube. This growth is known to cause pelvic pain that leads to infertility among women. A study conducted by the Journal of the Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation showed that women who have sexual activities during their menstruation are 15 times less likely to develop endometriosis than women who abstain from sex during their menstruation periods.

The contractions that happen on the uterus during an organism helps to flash away menstrual debris that leads to the development of endometriosis. Sexual activity in women is also known to promote the production of estrogen, a hormone that acts as a painkiller. This hormone helps to relieve pain and reduce pre menstrual syndrome that causes health complication among women.