Surveys and medicine science suggest that a satisfactory sex life leads to wellbeing of a relationship, thus increasing the fulfilment of partners with life in general and acting as an antidote against mental disorders. For a relationship to be healthy and longstanding, it is necessary that both the partners see sex as an expression of sensuality, passion, tenderness, affection and love.

On the contrary, sexual dissatisfaction has a negative impact on one’s perception of relationships on the whole. Lack of sex for long periods has been linked with routine boredom, apathy in communication, disinterest and inertia. In most sexually discontent couples, life becomes complex and sexual problems affect other areas of their relationship causing reproaches, emotional distress and miscommunication among others.Relationship

The triangular theory of love postulates that sex and intimacy are two out of three elementary pillars of any relationship and intimacy in a relationship is often associated with sexual satisfaction. Therefore, sex is a fundamental pillar on which a relationship rests.

Another explanation can be found in neurobiological theories that emphasize on the role of sexual pleasure in strengthening the bond of couples who are in a stable relationship. Specifically, the postulate states that, whenever a couple has a fulfilling sexual encounter, the experience causes release of oxytocin in brain and body of both the partners that in turn increases the sense of union, belonging and security between them. So the more satisfactory sex life a couple has, the stronger is the bond between them. They feel closer and more attached to each other, making them feel happier in their marriage.

Each couple and partner has his or her own perception and meaning of sex with no rules or recipes. For some it is a means to derive physical pleasure, while for others it is an emotional component of union with the other. The new generation of females say they need to be sexually active to feel good as it boosts their self-esteem. Conversely, lack of sexual pleasure makes them feel needy, nervous and frustrated.

Sexuality not only refers to intercourse but also to gestures like touching, kissing and hugging or even laughing and having fun together. Erotic experience comprises of more than just genital relations, it involves expression of emotions, complicity, bonding and a very intimate communication, where you feel confident enough to expose your vulnerable side to your partner and ask for help without the fear of being judged.

In conclusion, sex is a powerful bond between the couple that binds them not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. It makes a human being feel more confident and secure about a relationship thus helping him to lead a healthier and content life.



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